Food Matters – A Mission for Change

Vegetarian, vegan, paleo, gluten-free … Many of us use well-known identifiers to talk about our eating ethos. Whether for health reasons, lifestyle benefits, personal beliefs or all of the above, how we eat matters on a personal level. With various beliefs surrounding our diets, a question comes to mind: is it even possible to live and eat sustainably at this point in history?

alt=jackfruit meat alternative

The UN report notes that the preference for meat and dairy-heavy diets — whose farming practices account for 70% of the world’s freshwater consumption, 39% of the globe’s total land use and 19% of its greenhouse gas emissionsis “unsustainable,” especially as Earth’s population is expected to grow to 9.1 billion by 2050. Last year the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organisation said that food production would have to increase globally by 70% to feed the world’s surging population.

Meat alternatives can inspire memories of tasteless dishes devoid of nutritional value – but they don’t have to! Our products are helping to push food trends forward. More grocery stores are stocking plant-based meat alternatives, but they aren’t exclusively meant for vegans or vegetarians. In fact, all of us could benefit from eating less animal meat. According to recent news, many of us already eat less animal meat for health reasons, costs, and to protect our planet. Additionally, we’re reading labels and paying closer attention to where our food comes from and how it’s sourced. So, in that regard, we want to make sustainable, smarter choices while ensuring we pick foods with key ingredients, like fiber which has been called the new protein.

alt=jackfruit meat alternative

Our mission is threefold: to transform world health, farmer’s livelihoods, and humanity’s eco-footprint — for the better. Using direct-from-farm supply chains, we are adding a reliable and substantial source of income to farmers, and providing consumers with an ethically, sustainably sourced delicious meat alternative. As the conversation around sustainable food and farming continues, we hope you’ll join us in making a difference – one bite at a time.

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