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Plant-Based Positive Impact

We provide whole food plant-based meat alternatives that help people cut down on meat consumption, shrink our carbon footprint, and reduce the negative environmental impacts of animal agriculture. Also, unlike many meat-alternative products, which are highly processed and require all the additional resources that that involves, jackfruit is a natural, whole food option.

Positive Impact

Sustainability Commitment

In India, where jackfruit is harvested, we’re helping farmers to convert the land to certified organic by managing paperwork on their behalf (the forests where we source our jackfruit is naturally organic, but the certification process can be complicated). This not only allows them to avoid the time-consuming filing process, but it also allows them to grow and sell other certified organic crops on their land, which opens new trade opportunities for them and helps elevate their livelihoods.

Regenerative Agriculture

The wild jackfruit we harvest comes from the forests of India, a naturally organic growing region that doesn’t require irrigation, and where no pesticides or herbicides are used. Like coffee, jackfruit is a shade crop and can be intergrown with other crops to provide shade and create a regenerative eco-system, which means there are opportunities for farmers to grow secondary crops that will not only increase their revenues but also enrich the soil by replacing nutrients. Through our membership with Climate Collaborative around Forests, Food Waste, and Agriculture, The Jackfruit Company is committed to maximizing the benefits of responsible farming while reducing the detrimental impacts of food waste, packaging, and pollutants on our planet.

Farmer Partnership

Since our founding in 2011, through creating more demand for a crop that was underutilized (jackfruit), facilitating organic certification for farmers’ land, and working to improve distribution efficiencies, we’ve created incremental income opportunities for the farmers we partner with in India. We’ve created community support programs that provide tools and cooking vessels to help make everyday life easier for the farmers and their families. And, we work to keep the jackfruit industry healthy and robust by continually planting more trees in the regions we harvest.

Annie and the Farmers

Our People

Wellness is one of our core values, not only because it’s central to the work we do, but because we know people do their best work when they feel their best. We invest in our team members’ physical and emotional wellness by supporting individual gym memberships and promoting team volunteer days, where employees are paid to work a fixed number of days with local non-profit groups in our area. We’re also a sponsor of Naturally Boulder, an organization that helps budding entrepreneurs organize and grow their business.

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