Jackfruit Recipes for the Grill

Tis the season to cook (and eat) outdoors.

We all know the saying: If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen—and head outside to grill. (That’s the saying, right?) As temperatures rise this summer, we’re looking to cook and eat outdoors as much as possible. To help you do the same, we’ve rounded up some delicious jackfruit recipes made for the grill.

Tex-Mex Jackfruit Stuffed Avocados

This one’s worth trying for the presentation alone, and it tastes as good as it looks. Made with our Tex-Mex Jackfruit and classic guac flavors, it’s a low-carb alternative to your favorite taco, but also delicious served with tortillas or chips.

Vegan Buffalo Jackfruit Burgers

Meatless Makeovers

If you’re a fan of Buffalo sauce (and who isn’t?) then you’ve got to try this recipe, complete with plant-based blue cheese dressing. Young jackfruit is the main ingredient, but chickpea flour is the magic that holds the patty together.

Grilled Jackfruit Tacos

Green Scheme

Grilled jackfruit tacos might not sound like anything new, but don’t let the name fool you. This recipe’s got smoked paprika, sauerkraut, and a bean dip made with peanut butter, cilantro, and spices. It’s unusual, and unusually good.

Chili Lime Jackfruit Bowl

Green Scheme

Full of flavor and color, this zesty bowl screams “summertime.” It’s a great way to use up a bunch of veggies, and we love the technique for skewering and grilling the jackfruit. Plus, black beans and quinoa add plenty of plant protein for a completely nourishing meal.

Veggie Barbecue Jackfruit Kabobs

Healthy Little Vittles

…Speaking of veggies and skewers, how fun are these kabobs? They showcase plants you don’t ordinarily see on a stick (cauliflower! corn! jackfruit!) for a dish that’s delightful to make, eat, and even share with a crowd.

Grilled Vegan BBQ Jackfruit Pizza with Hemp Seed Cheddar

Blissful Basil

Vegan pizza? On the grill?! You betcha. This recipe involves quite a few steps, since you’re making both hemp seed ranch and hemp seed cheddar from scratch, but the results are well worth it. And if you use our ready-to-enjoy BBQ Jackfruit, that will lighten up the workload!

Hawaiian Jackfruit Pineapple Kebabs

The Veg Life

Okay, one last skewer recipe. It is summer, after all—and this recipe offers vacation vibes in every bite with young jackfruit, pineapple, and a rainbow of bell peppers. Maple-flavored tempeh bacon takes it up a notch, while a bed of rice balances out those bold, sweet flavors.

Best Vegan Ribs

Veggie Society

Anything meat can do, jackfruit can do better—and these ribs prove it. Made with a combination of young jackfruit (try our Lightly Seasoned here) and seitan, this plant-based alternative has got a taste and texture that any carnivore would crave.

Hungry for more jackfruit recipes? You’ll find them on the Recipes page at thejackfruitcompany.com