Tasty Ways to Use Our Curry Jackfruit Meal Starter

This Indian-inspired flavor is more versatile than you might think.

Flavored with aromatic spices and a South Indian tomato-based sauce, our Curry Jackfruit is beautiful and bold. But it’s also surprisingly versatile! Don’t believe us? Scroll for some delicious (and deliciously unexpected) ways we like to use this mouthwatering Meal Starter.

Top Hummus

Turn your favorite homemade or store-bought hummus into a proper meal by adding Curry Jackfruit and your dipping vehicle of choice. It’s a great way to dress up your favorite snack, and a fun appetizer to serve a group. Let this recipe serve as inspiration.

Add to Flatbread

You say you’ve never had Curry Jackfruit Pizza? We say, let’s change that. This recipe makes it easy, thanks to pre-made flatbread, Curry Jackfruit, and a few fresh ingredients like chopped peanuts and cilantro. Yum.

Fill Samosas

Okay, this idea isn’t exactly groundbreaking—but it is day-making. It’s also super simple to throw together if you start with frozen filo dough and our Curry Jackfruit. Get started with this recipe for Curry Jackfruit Samosas.

Make a Taco or Wrap

We love this Curry Jackfruit Naan Wrap recipe for its ease and adaptability. Don’t have naan on hand? Fill a pita or tortilla instead with these fresh, spicy, and creamy flavors. You’ll wonder why you haven’t done it sooner.

Spoon Over Rice

This one’s a no-brainer. Our Curry Jackfruit Meal Starter comes ready to heat and enjoy over rice and topped with fresh herbs. But this recipe can also be a starting point for creativity. Don’t have rice? Use noodles instead. Have fresh veggies to use up? They’ll be good in this. Heat things up with more spices, or cool it down with coconut milk or a dollop of yogurt. The choice is yours.

Stuff a Baked Potato

We love a hearty plant-based meal, and it doesn’t get more satisfying (or versatile) than a baked potato. The next time you’re craving one, forego the traditional toppings for this recipe’s Curry Jackfruit, chickpeas, diced red onion, cilantro and some sour cream or yogurt. You’re welcome.

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