Curry Jackfruit Hummus

Our cure for the common snack.


1 package Curry Jackfruit Meal Starter

10 oz classic hummus, home made or from your favorite brand

1 T garam masala (or more to taste)

1 tsp cumin

¼ tsp chili powder

1 T Olive oil

Cilantro, freshly chopped

Naan or pita, warmed


In a bowl, combine hummus, half the garam masala, cumin and chili powder. Taste and add more spices if desired. 

Warm Curry Jackfruit in a bowl or skillet. Pull apart any larger pieces using two forks.

Spread hummus on a plate, leaving a large indent or well in the center, and drizzle with olive oil. Fill the well with jackfruit. Sprinkle cilantro and a few dashes of chili powder. Serve with freshly warmed naan or pita bread. 

Bonus: Want to load your hummus up further? Add chickpeas, caramelized onion, or roasted cauliflower.