Why Try Jackfruit?

5 Reasons to give this miracle food a chance.

What do we love about jackfruit? Let us count the ways…

  1. It’s nutritious.

Jackfruit might eat like a meat, but it nourishes like a vegetable. Low in calories but high in dietary fiber, the miracle food packs a nutritional punch. It’s got vitamins A and C, riboflavin, magnesium, potassium and protein to help your body function and flourish. And unlike other plant-based meat alternatives, jackfruit is a whole food made by nature—so you can rest assured that it contains no hidden ingredients. 

  1. It’s sustainable.

Jackfruit trees are super hardy and resistant to high temperatures and drought, which makes them highly adaptable to a changing climate. In India, where our jackfruit is grown and harvested, the trees grow easily without pesticides, herbicides, or artificial irrigation. They’re a valuable part of a regenerative eco-system, providing shade to secondary crops and enriching the soil they stand on year after year.

Through our membership with Climate Collaborative, The Jackfruit Company is committed to maximizing the benefits of responsible farming while reducing the detrimental impacts of food waste, packaging, and pollutants on our planet. When you enjoy our products, you help us do just that.

  1. It’s versatile.

The flavor of young jackfruit is mild, which means that it tastes good in pretty much anything. Just add your favorite sauce or seasonings (like Teriyaki, Lemon Garlic, Curry or BBQ) and you’re good to go. The texture is frequently compared to that of pulled pork; it shreds nicely, and is satisfyingly meaty.

When ripe, jackfruit is tropically sweet with notes of banana and pineapple. Ripe jackfruit has long been a favorite dessert flavor throughout parts of Asia, and the Western world is quickly catching on. Try it fresh from the tree, or use our ready-to-eat frozen Ripe Jackfruit to make ice cream, muffins, or a refreshing smoothie.

  1. It’s easy.

Okay, the truth is that prepping and cooking an entire 100-pound jackfruit is decidedly not easy—but that’s where we come in! The Jackfruit Company’s pre-seasoned and -cooked Meal Starters make it easy to swap meat for jackfruit in any dish. And our globally-inspired Complete Jackfruit Meals are even shelf-stable, adding to the convenience. Keep a few in your pantry at all times, and you’ll never wonder what to make for dinner again.

  1. It’s delicious!

If you haven’t tried jackfruit, you’re in for a treat. Not sure where to start? Simple Tex-Mex Jackfruit Tacos and BBQ Jackfruit Sandwiches are always popular, and super easy to whip up. You could also try crisping up some of our Plant-Based Pulled Pork, and pairing it with your favorite sides. When you’re ready to get more creative, head to our Recipes page to explore mouthwatering ideas like Jackfruit Stuffed Acorn Squash, Buffalo Jackfruit Bites, Curry Jackfruit Flatbread, BBQ Jackfruit Bao Buns, and more. You’ll be a jackfruit connoisseur in no time.