Make-Ahead Lunch Ideas

Jackfruit makes it easy to enjoy a hearty, healthful lunch on the go.

The back-to-school season can feel hectic. With changes to our daily routines comes the need to organize and streamline where we can—and a great place to start is lunch. From bowls that can be reheated in minutes to sandwiches and wraps that taste great at room temp, here are a dozen delicious jackfruit lunch recipes perfect for prepping ahead of time. Trust us, your future self will thank you.

Cauliflower Rice Teriyaki Bowl

Light yet satisfying, this “rice” bowl checks all the boxes: It’s flavorful, colorful, and packed with plant-based nutrition. Add whatever veggies you’d like to add to our Teriyaki Jackfruit, and buy pre-made cauli rice to make prep a breeze. Heat it up when you’re hungry, and enjoy!

Jackfruit, Red Beans and Rice

Craving something heartier? Try this veggie-forward take on a Creole classic, made with your choice of jackfruit (we recommend Lightly Seasoned), protein-rich kidney beans, rice, and a little spice. This recipe is simple and easy to multiply, so go ahead—make a big batch.

Jackfruit Burritos

Discover Delicious

There’s something so fun about a premade burrito wrapped in foil, and these are just as exciting on the inside. Savory jackfruit (BBQ or Tex-Mex would be great), hearty black beans, creamy guacamole, fresh pico de gallo, and tasty Mexican rice provide a variety of flavors and textures.

Jackfruit Tortilla Soup

Soup is the ultimate make-ahead meal, and this one is really good. Pack toppings like crunchy tortilla chips, lime wedges and fresh cilantro in a separate container to make lunch even better. Too hot for soup? Bookmark this recipe for fall. It’s sooner than you think.

Jackfruit Banh Mi

We can’t talk lunch options without mentioning sandwiches, right? This one’s a winner, thanks to its combination of savory jackfruit and quick pickled veggies—and don’t forget the bread. A baguette (crunchy on the outside, fluffy on the inside) is the key to keeping everything fresh until you’re ready to eat it.

Buffalo Jackfruit Naan Wraps

Love by Plants

Another handheld hero here to save you from midday hunger, this wrap features a classic flavor combo: spicy Buffalo sauce and cool, creamy ranch. It also couldn’t be easier to whip up. Start with Lightly Seasoned Jackfruit and pre-made naan, and you’re halfway there.

Italian-Inspired Jackfruit Pasta

If you’ve had our Complete Jackfruit Meal with Red Kidney Beans + Tomato + Rustic Herbs, you know that it’s delicious on its own. But throw it over pasta, and you’ve got mealtime magic in a matter of minutes.

BBQ Jackfruit Empanadas

I Can You Can Vegan

Got a little more time to spend in the kitchen? Here’s a great way to use it, and our BBQ Jackfruit. Don’t be intimidated by the dough; it’s easier to make than you think—and the results are well worth the work.

Italian Jackfruit Stuffed Peppers

Make the most of peak-season bell peppers by stuffing them with our Italian-style Complete Jackfruit Meal, brown rice, mozzarella, and extra herbs. Bake until delicious, and enjoy having perfectly portioned lunches for the week (or freeze some for later!)

Jackfruit Vietnamese Summer Rolls with Hoisin Peanut Sauce

Keepin’ It Kind

On those hottest of summer days, give your oven a rest and make Vietnamese-style summer rolls filled with crunchy veggies and Lightly Seasoned Jackfruit. Pack a few for lunch (along with some hoisin peanut sauce for dipping, of course) and eat them fresh from the fridge to stay cool.

Jamaican Jerk Jackfruit Bowl

Bring some vacation vibes to work or school in the form of this sweet and spicy rice bowl topped with jerk jackfruit, black beans, and fresh pineapple. The flavorful combination of ingredients will help you feel like you’re on island time, even if you’re actually on the clock.

Vegan Chicken Salad

My Darling Vegan

You can’t go wrong with this classic. And while there are lots of jackfruit “chicken” salad recipes out there, we like this one’s bright notes of dill pickles, fresh dill and lemon juice. It’s a versatile recipe that works well between slices of bread, stuffed into a pita, served with crackers, or over a bed of greens.

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