Getting Creative with Complete Jackfruit Meals

Because variety is the spice of life.

We all know that variety is the spice of life. So while our Complete Jackfruit Meals are already completely satisfying on their own, it’s also fun to get creative by adding accompaniments and toppings. Here are a few ideas to help get you started with plant-based pantry staples, fridge-finds and our shelf-stable Complete Jackfruit Meals.

Red Kidney Beans + Tomato + Rustic Herbs


Over rice

Stuffed into a bell pepper or other vegetable

With smaller pasta like ziti or penne 

Top with…

Fresh parsley

Toasted breadcrumbs

Grated pecorino romano or parmesan 

Chickpeas + Spinach + Garam Masala


Over basmati rice

Stuffed into a Yukon gold or sweet potato 

With acorn squash


Top with…

Full-fat greek yogurt

Mango chutney

Toasted chickpeas

Black Beans + Corn + Tex-Mex Spice


Stuffed into bell or poblano peppers

Over rice 

In a quesadilla or tacos

In a burrito bowl with your favorite fixings

Top with…

Crumbled tortilla chips

Shredded cheese

Sour cream


Sliced radish 



Coconut + Vegetables + Thai Green Chile


Stuffed into a sweet potato

Over brown or basmati rice 

With rice noodles

With spinach

Top with…

A squeeze of lime


Toasted chickpeas

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