Celebrate National Pizza Day With Jackfruit!

A round-up of delicious recipes, to commemorate a delicious day.

We don’t know who to thank for declaring today National Pizza Day, but we’re pretty sure he or she deserves a high five for giving us this fun opportunity to celebrate one of our favorite foods.

With the rise of vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options, it’s now easier than ever for everyone to enjoy pizza regardless of dietary restrictions. We’re particularly fond of topping our pie with delicious and nutritious jackfruit—and we’re not the only ones! Keep scrolling for great jackfruit pizza recipes from around the web, and how to make them yourself at home with tasty and convenient products from The Jackfruit Company.

BBQ Jackfruit Pizza

The Jackfruit Company

There are a lot of BBQ jackfruit pizza recipes out there these days, but ours is quite possibly the quickest and easiest (and most delicious!) Why? It calls for our ready-made BBQ Jackfruit and any pizza crust you’d like—including frozen or prebaked, which are great options when you’re short on time.

Hawaiian Jackfruit Pizza

Keepin’ It Kind

Take a walk on the tropical side with this sweet twist on the BBQ jackfruit pizza, and (pro tip) take the flavor up a notch by swapping out briney canned jackfruit for our pre-seasoned Smoked Pulled Jackfruit. The straight-from-the-smoker flavor pairs perfectly with ripe pineapple.

Jamaican Jerk Jackfruit Pizza

Urban Accents

Like your pizza spicy? A slice of this Jamaican jerk pie should do the trick. Try it with our Smoked Pulled Jackfruit, definitely grill the pineapple (it helps to bring out the sweetness) and don’t skip the avocado—it’s creaminess is key for balancing out those delicious jerk seasonings.

Cilantro Lime Jackfruit Pizza

Ugly Vegan Kitchen

No, it’s not traditional—but it might become a tradition in your household once you try it! Use our Tex-Mex Jackfruit to make this zesty Southwestern-style pizza, topped with loads of fresh veggies and green chile enchilada sauce.

Vegan Buffalo Jackfruit and Broccoli Rabe Flatbread

Killing Thyme

Here’s one for all you East Coasters out there. Buffalo chicken goes vegan with jackfruit (try this with our Lightly Seasoned Jackfruit) while fresh broccoli rabe and zucchini add some green to the mix. The result is a complete meal on a crust. What’s not to love about that?

Curry Jackfruit Flatbread

The Jackfruit Company

A delicious and unique fusion of flavors makes this flatbread (or pizza, depending on the crust you choose) unforgettable—and since it’s made with pre-made dough and our Curry Jackfruit, it’s super quick and easy to whip up. We especially love how the chopped peanuts add some crunch.

Hungry yet? We don’t blame you. We hope this recipe round-up has inspired you to celebrate National Pizza Day the Jackfruit Company way. Enjoy!