8 Great Seasonal Squash & Jackfruit Recipes

Let’s make this the tastiest fall yet.

Jackfruit and winter squash have a lot in common. They’re both large, hearty, delicious plants that are full of satisfying fiber, and versatile enough to lean sweet or savory. Combine them, and you’ve got mealtime magic. 

Here are 8 mouthwatering, meatless recipes featuring seasonal squash and jackfruit that we can’t wait to make this fall.

Jackfruit Spaghetti Squash with Kale and Sun-dried Tomatoes

What to eat when you’re craving pasta but want something a little lighter? Spaghetti squash, of course! This dish turns the veggie into a full main course by adding savory jackfruit (use our Lightly Seasoned, or try Lemon Garlic for extra flavor) as well as kale, sun-dried tomatoes, and roasted pumpkin seeds for crunch.

Roasted Pumpkin Jackfruit Curry

Full of Plants

When people say they love pumpkin season, they’re usually referring to the sweet stuff. But don’t let those breads, pies and lattes get all the glory! Savory pumpkin recipes are just as delightful. For proof, look no further than this cozy curry packed with roasted pumpkin, meaty jackfruit, coconut milk, and warming spices.

Squash Filled with Jackfruit Chili


This twist on a traditional bowl of chili swaps the bowl for butternut squash! It’s such a fun way to serve the cold-weather favorite, and the options to customize it are endless. For these reasons, it would be a great entrée to serve at a dinner party (on Halloween, perhaps?) but you definitely don’t need an excuse to make it.

BBQ Jackfruit Pumpkin Pizza

The Toasted Pine Nut

If you haven’t had pumpkin on pizza, you’re missing out. This recipe uses the puréed squash as a base for ready-made BBQ Jackfruit, cheese and fresh cilantro. The result is a perfect sweet-savory slice that combines so many beloved flavors. It might just become a new fall classic.

Pumpkin Cheese & Jackfruit Taquitos


Taquitos are just as fun to make as they are to eat, and this seasonal version is no exception. The filling combines hearty jackfruit and a plant-based pumpkin cheese sauce made of cashews, pumpkin purée, garlic, and nutritional yeast. Add a side of unsweetened coconut yogurt for dipping, and enjoy!

Jackfruit Stuffed Acorn Squash

If you’re already planning your Thanksgiving menu, we recommend adding this recipe to the mix. The presentation is impressive enough for a holiday, and the flavor—a sweet and savory blend of jackfruit, squash, portobello mushrooms, quinoa, spinach, pecans, and dried cranberries—is one your guests won’t stop talking about.

Maple Cinnamon Delicata Squash Salad with Vegan Jackfruit Bacon

Sweet Simple Vegan

While this time of year is more synonymous with soups and stews, we can’t overlook a great fall salad. This one’s got seasonal greens like spinach and Brussels sprouts, creamy avocado, cherry tomatoes, beautifully seasoned delicata squash, and crunchy bacon bits made from young jackfruit.

BBQ Jackfruit Squash Bowls with Creamy Kiwi Lime Sauce

Grateful Grazer

Sweet-tart kiwi, creamy avocado, BBQ Jackfruit, fresh kale, protein-packed black beans, and kabocha squash—this recipe’s got a little bit of everything. And while the combination might be unusual, you’ll be surprised by how good these ingredients taste together. Plus, everything’s better served in an edible bowl.

Hungry for more jackfruit recipes? You’ll find them on the Recipes page at thejackfruitcompany.com.