Try This: Jackfruit Elote Tacos

A new #MeatlessMeal for your next #TacoTuesday.

From piping hot churros to all manner of handheld meals, Mexico has mastered the art of street food. And what happens when you combine two of the most popular options? Pure magic, that’s what.

These plant-based Jackfruit Elote Tacos offer a fun, seasonal twist on a classic jackfruit taco. They highlight the natural sweetness of summer corn, along with the hearty, smoky flavor of our Pulled Smoked Jackfruit. Add some homemade vegan cotija, the perfect creamy sauce, and you’ve got your new go-to recipe for Taco Tuesday (or any day!)

While you can definitely make these with canned corn, we recommend you try them with some fresh ears from your local farmer’s market. Get them while the getting’s good, and get the recipe here.