The Jackfruit Company’s New Convenient Offerings

The #1 jackfruit brand in the U.S. announces NEW Complete Jackfruit Meals and growing demand for Smoked Pulled Jackfruit that began to hit shelves last year.

BOULDER, ColoradoFeb. 21, 2019 — The Jackfruit Company, maker of convenient, delicious, sustainably-sourced jackfruit products, today announced the launch of new Complete Jackfruit Meals. The single-serving meals come in four, globally inspired flavors, and are ready to enjoy in minutes. In addition to the new meals, the company’s new Smoked Pulled Jackfruit, launched in Q4 2018, is seeing increased distribution and availability in response to high consumer interest and demand. Smoked Pulled Jackfruit will now also be one of the first, innovative plant-based options to be merchandised in the fresh meat case.

“We’re so inspired by the versatility and growing popularity of jackfruit, the meatiest fruit on the planet,” said Annie Ryu, company founder and CEO. “Our innovation is rooted in bringing familiar, beloved flavors and recipes to life, with a plant-based twist. We are thrilled to share the amazing taste and texture of jackfruit with consumers looking for convenient plant-based options that come from nature, not a lab, while still delivering competitive levels of nutrition.”

Nearly 40 percent of Americans are actively trying to integrate plant-based foods into their diets (Nielsen Survey, April 2017). The launch of the Complete Jackfruit Meals and Smoked Pulled Jackfruit provides consumers with new, familiar ways to enjoy plant-based meat alternative options. These new offerings also help consumers easily increase their fiber intake. With recent studies showing increased fiber intake can help reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes and certain types of cancer1, Americans are in need of adding more fiber to their diet. Today, the average American eats only about 15g of fiber a day even though organizations like the American Heart Association advise adults eat 25-30g a daily.2

The new Complete Jackfruit Meal (MSRP –$3.99/10oz package) brings the amazing taste, meaty texture and high fiber of jackfruit anywhere you go. The convenient, nutritious single-serve meals are ready for any adventure, from weekday lunches to weekend camping. The shelf-stable offering comes in four delicious, flavor-packed options, including: Coconut + Vegetables + Thai Green Chile; Chickpeas + Spinach + Garam Masala; Black Beans + Corn + Tex Mex Spice; and Red Kidney Beans + Tomato + Rustic Herbs. Combining jackfruit and other whole food ingredients like vegetables and simple, tasty sauces and seasonings, each single-serve package delivers 260 calories or less, as well as 6-9g of plant-based protein and a provides a great source of fiber at 9-11g dietary fiber. All offerings are also vegan and gluten free.

Complete Jackfruit Meals are hitting shelves now nationally at stores like Whole Foods Market, Earthfare and select Safeway/Albertson’s regions.

Smoked Pulled Jackfruit (MSRP – $6.99-8.99/10oz package) offers an innovative take on a pulled meat alternative by combining young jackfruit, added plant-based, pea protein and a smoky flavor that together deliver an option that can be enjoyed on its own or with a favorite BBQ sauce. Similar to smoked meats, the Smoked Pulled Jackfruit is smoked “slow and low” over hickory wood chips, providing consumers with a delicious, meaty texture and versatility in preparation from a traditional BBQ sandwich to tacos, pizza and any of your favorite recipes. The options are so versatile, in fact, that The Jackfruit Company has shared a variety of preparation ideas for this whole food meat alternative right on package, including a Smoked Acorn Squash recipe. The package also shares a simple farm to plate story, celebrating the fact that jackfruit comes straight from nature. Each 10oz package of Smoked Pulled Jackfruit includes just over three, 90-calorie servings, and is an excellent source of fiber per serving.

The Smoked Pulled Jackfruit initially launched in six Whole Foods regions in late 2018. Following strong consumer interest, the Smoked Pulled Jackfruit has earned expanded distribution across various Safeway/Albertson’s regions and Raley’s. What’s most exciting about this expansion is where the Smoked Pulled Jackfruit can be found in store. The Jackfruit Company’s Smoked Pulled Jackfruit can now be found merchandised in the fresh meat case alongside other innovative plant-based options, further encouraging consumers to enjoy alternatives to meat.

Quickly becoming one of the most popular plant-based meat alternatives, jackfruit is a tropical fruit, native to India that provides a wide range of versatile flavors and textures perfect to create any favorite recipe. Young jackfruit – before it has fully ripened – has a texture similar to pulled pork and a neutral flavor, making it a versatile, plant-based meat alternative. Ripe Jackfruit is tropically sweet, and has a flavor that tastes like a combination of banana/mango/pineapple. The flavor of “Juicy Fruit” gum is rumored to have been modeled after the flavor of ripe jackfruit.