Pass on Processed, Pass the Jackfruit

When it comes to creating delicious, plant-based meat alternatives, we believe that less is more.

We’re fortunate to have so many plant-based meat alternatives on the market today. But with so many tasty options at our disposal, how do we know which ones to “add to cart”?

Of course, each person’s unique dietary needs come into play here: If you’re avoiding gluten or soy in addition to animal products, you’ll want to stick to brands or items you know are free of those ingredients (hint: ours are!). But there’s another factor that you may not be considering when selecting your go-to plant-based meat alternative: How processed is it?

At The Jackfruit Company, we strive to provide minimally processed, plant-based, whole-food meat alternatives that retain the vitamins and nutrients of our key ingredient: jackfruit. While other veg-friendly proteins and entrées feature complex ingredients grown in a lab, our jackfruit is grown on trees, sustainably harvested, seasoned, cooked and packaged—and that’s pretty much it!

While “processed” does not automatically mean “bad” or less nutritious, many health professionals will agree that it’s important for our diets to include a variety of whole foods to reap the holistic health benefits of fruits, veggies, and legumes as Mother Nature intended. By taking advantage of young jackfruit’s naturally meaty texture and flavor, we’re able to provide vegetarian meat alternatives packed with whole food, plant-based nutrition without the manufactured chemicals and preservatives often found in more processed options. 

All of our products are naturally high in dietary fiber and important nutrients, and our new Complete Jackfruit Meals have added plant-based protein in the form of beans and legumes. But we don’t ever change or “enhance” our key ingredient—because when you’re dealing with something as extraordinary as the meatiest plant on the planet, you just don’t have to. We think the results speak for themselves—directly to your taste buds.

Want more info? Click here to learn how our jackfruit is sustainably harvested in India, and delivered from plant to plate. For more helpful info on how and why to eat more dietary fiber, head here. And for mouthwatering meatless recipe inspo to take your love of jackfruit to the next level, visit our recipes page.