Grow Better. Eat Better. Do Better.

Why sustainable farming matters to us.

The Jackfruit Company was founded to make the world better, one bite at a time. For a team committed to making a positive impact, Earth Day is a time to reflect on our core values, re-evaluate our daily habits, and reconnect with our broader mission. And it all goes back to how we cultivate our food.

Regenerative Agriculture

Upon falling in love with jackfruit, our founder, Annie, learned that much of the delicious and nutritious crop goes to waste. Due to an overabundance of fruit, ,lack of resources or both, a high percentage is left unharvested each year. The Jackfruit Company was created to provide a solution.

Jackfruit grows wild on large, prolific trees in India and other parts of Asia, where it needs no irrigation, pesticides or herbicides to thrive. It’s a shade crop, like coffee, that can be intergrown with other crops to create a regenerative eco-system that produces year after year. Instead of having to replant trees annually, jackfruit farmers are able to grow secondary crops that enrich the soil by replacing nutrients, while also increasing their revenue. We partner with our farming families in India to facilitate organic certification, provide tools, and continually plant trees in the regions we harvest.

Plant-Based Whole Food

The benefits of growing, harvesting and consuming jackfruit extend beyond our farms. Since the naturally meaty fruit needs little processing to enjoy, it doesn’t require as many resources as other meat alternatives. It allows us all to shrink our carbon footprint by cutting down on meat consumption without sacrificing flavor or convenience.

Commitment to Sustainability

Through our membership with Climate Collaborative around Forests, Food Waste, and Agriculture, we’re committed to maximizing the benefits of responsible farming while reducing the detrimental impacts of food waste, packaging, and pollutants. We’re proud to say that as our company grows, so do our abilities to make a positive impact. We’re honored for the continued opportunity to meet that challenge—for ourselves, our community, and our planet.