Winter-Ready Jackfruit Recipes

Dial up the flavor with plant-based comfort food.

Brrr, it’s cold out there! Bundle up, preheat your oven, and grab some jackfruit because it’s time to whip up your favorite winter foods. From soups and stews to casseroles and more, the meatiest plant on the planet will help you warm up from the inside out—and we’ve got a whopping twenty recipes to get you started.

Jackfruit Pot Roast

Food With Feeling

Just like the traditional version, but completely meatless thanks to fiber-rich young jackfruit. Serve it up and see if anyone can taste the difference.

Jackfruit Tortilla Soup

The Jackfruit Company

Try this soup with Lightly Seasoned Jackfruit, or Tex-Mex Jackfruit for extra flavor—and don’t forget the toppings.

Jackfruit “Chicken” Noodle Soup

Daughter of Seitan

The ultimate classic gets the ultimate makeover by swapping meat for meaty jackfruit. Yum.

Jackfruit Chili


With plenty of spice and beans for plant-based protein, this veggie chili is one you’ll crave. Let your crockpot do its thing, and you’ll be rewarded with a warming meal at the end of the day.

Wild Rice Jackfruit Casserole With Vegan Parm-Panko Topping

That Vegan Nephew

This comforting casserole boasts a delightfully crunchy crust and a savory, satisfying filling. 

Teriyaki Noodle Soup

The Jackfruit Company

This ramen-like soup is super simple to make, thanks to our Teriyaki Jackfruit Meal Starter.

Jackfruit Coconut Curry

Sarah’s Vegan Kitchen

Creamy coconut curry meets a medley of fresh veggies to create a cozy and tasty dish.

Curry Jackfruit Rice Bowl

The Jackfruit Company

No time? No problem! Our Curry Jackfruit turns into a complete meal with the addition of rice and a few green things, like peas and fresh cilantro. 

Hot & Sour Jackfruit Wonton Soup

Full of Plants

Homemade jackfruit wontons are bathed in a fragrant broth for a bowl that’s better than takeout.

Vegan Pot Pie With Jackfruit & Butter Beans

Forkful of Plants

Thinly sliced potatoes replace the traditional crust on a pie that’s packed with winter veggies, and winning flavor.

Vegan Campfire Stew

Pinch of Nom

Don’t wait for camping season to enjoy this hearty, homestyle stew of baked beans, vegetables, and jackfruit.

Smoky Vegan Jackfruit Stew

Blissful Basil for The Jackfruit Company

Puréed cauliflower stands in for cream to create a silky stew you’ll want again and again.

Pulled Jackfruit Mac and Cheese

Weird Louise

You can’t have a list of comfort foods without mac and cheese, right? This one ups the ante with sweet-and-savory BBQ Jackfruit.

Curry Jackfruit Run Down

That Girl Cooks Healthy

Bring a taste of the tropics to your table with this plant-based twist on a traditional Jamaican dish.

Yuca Jackfruit Stew

The Yummy Vegan

Move over, meat and potatoes. Jackfruit and yuca are the new dynamic duo of comfort food.

Buffalo Jackfruit & Rice Bake

Full of Plants

Creamy, spicy, and easy to throw together, this vegan casserole deserves a spot in your weekly dinner rotation.

Jackfruit Enchiladas

Food With Feeling

Top these enchiladas with sliced cherry tomatoes and fresh avocado for a plate pretty enough to impress company.

Jackfruit Laksa

Hot For Food

Pro tip: Save some time by using our Lightly Seasoned Jackfruit in this flavorful Southeast Asian noodle soup.

Slow Cooker Jackfruit Stew & Celery Root Mash

The Toasted Pine Nut

This seasonal stew makes good use of an underappreciated winter vegetable (and young jackfruit, of course!)

Vegan Jackfruit Lasagne

Living A Healthy Heartful Life

Okay, sure, this one takes a little bit of time—but we promise, the delicious and nutritious results are worth it.

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