NEXTY Award Winner: Jackfruit Recognized as Best New Plant-Based Meat Alternative by New Hope Natural Media

We won!


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New Hope Natural Media recently announced that The Jackfruit Company, and our jackfruit meat alternative products, won the Expo East Editors’ Choice NEXTY Award for the Food category. NEXTY Awards are given to the products and brands New Hope Natural Media predicts will shape the future of the natural products industry.

We’re thrilled that jackfruit is recognized as a plant-based meat alternative that will shape the future — and change, for the healthier, the center of the plate. Jackfruit is an incredibly nutritious plant that offers vegetarians, flexitarians, ingredient-conscious eaters, busy parents, and anyone else with an appetite a lot of nutritional wallop in a single serving. Including 20% of the daily recommended fiber intake!

Our mission at The Jackfruit Company also includes creating income opportunities for the local farmers in India from which we source our young jackfruit. Since jackfruit is a sustainable plant, we are able to provide additional income to local families who, up until recently, had no real means of monetizing the jackfruit already growing so abundantly on their land.

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You could say that at The Jackfruit Company, our aspirations to shape the future began in 2011, when Annie Ryu, our founder, first visited India. The large, curious-looking jackfruit piqued Annie’s interest—not only was the jackfruit super tasty when harvested and served in various formats, but it was also extremely meat-like in texture. A fan of both meat alternatives and social entrepreneurship, Annie founded The Jackfruit Company to convert jackfruit, an underutilized natural resource, into a healthy and satisfying meat alternative for consumers, while providing income and opportunities for farming families in India.

As we look ahead to 2016 and beyond, we have our sights set on creating even greater health and global impact. Here’s what we’re working towards:

  • To make jackfruit more widely available, beyond Asian speciality markets, through retail partnerships and expansion
  • To encourage jackfruit to be eaten more often as the new star of the plate with quick-to-make jackfruit products that are both delicious and nutritious
  • To increase the revenue local farmers in India receive from our company for being a trusted source for sustainably harvesting the young jackfruit
  • To redefine meat as nourishment, not animal protein, in order to positively impact the globe and respect our limited resources

We hope you will join us in making a positive impact, one jackfruit at a time.

We currently offer four certified non-GMO meat-alternative jackfruit products, all found in the refrigerated meat alternative section of more than 400 stores in the United States including select Whole Foods stores, Sprouts, Wegmans, MOM’s Organic Market, Mother’s Market & Kitchen, and many independent grocers.

  • BBQ Jackfruit – vegan jackfruit in a tomato-based blend of sweet and tangy with smoky mesquite flavoring
  • Tex-Mex Jackfruit – savory vegan jackfruit paired with southwestern flavor and notes of cumin and oregano
  • Teriyaki Jackfruit – dairy-free jackfruit in a teriyaki-inspired blend of soy, sesame and ginger
  • Curry Jackfruit – vegan jackfruit flavored with authentic South Indian spices

For ideas on how to cook with jackfruit, check out our jackfruit recipes.