Hello and welcome

Hello and welcome, from The Jackfruit Company!


I fell in love with jackfruit a few years ago in India. Since then, I’ve been learning everything I can about jack, spending countless hours picking, cooking, tasting, tasting again (and again, and again) loads of jackfruit—to share with you the most delicious, nutritious products this wonderful fruit has to offer.

I didn’t go to India looking for jackfruit, but I can’t imagine life if we hadn’t met. I arrived as a pre-med college student teaching community health workers to use a text-message reminder program. Once I understood the incredible potential of jackfruit, I decided to create The Jackfruit Company, to convert an underutilized natural resource (jackfruit) to healthy, satisfying meat alternatives, and income and opportunity for farming families.

The Jackfruit Company’s products are a result of the incredible focus, dedication, and roll-up-your-sleeves-and-climb-that-jackfruit-tree attitude, of our phenomenal team. I am extremely thankful for all of our partners and supporters, around the world.  Together we have made jackfruit—usually difficult to find and prepare—easily accessible, for people seeking healthier food choices still with outstanding flavor.

BBQ Jackfruit sliders, Tex-Mex Jackfruit tacos, Curry Jackfruit with rice, and Teriyaki Jackfruit salad…

Hungry yet?

I am so excited to have you try our products! Please let us know what you think. Send a note or connect on Facebook – let us know what recipe you tried, your favorite flavor, or just say hello. Our team will also be at Expo East in Baltimore: Please stop by Booth 9045 if you’re attending – we’d love to meet you in person.

The Jackfruit Company is much more than a cool new product line: we’re about changing our food system for the better – for our planet, for our farmers, and for our health. I’m so happy to have you here, joining our journey.



  • HI, i haven’t tried this particular jackfruit product but we love jackfruit and thank you for spending so much time on supplying healthy alternatives for us who don’t eat animal products.

  • I Tried this today, it looks like pulled pork so visually i was A bit confused , but it was really good. The curry is super spicy and i plan to use the tex mex on some vegan nachos .


  • Hi Michele! We’re in select Whole Foods and MOM’s in the refrigerated meat-alternative section!

  • Thanks for trying – glad you liked it! Send us some photos of those vegan nachos 🙂

  • the whole foods near me just started carrying your products–I tried all 4 flavors… amazing! i’m vegan and have tried lots of fake “meat” out there, and this is the best product–especially because it’s made of fruit! Now there is really no reason to eat animal products. thank you jackfruit company!

  • WE LOVE LOVE LOVE your products!!!
    Myself and my daughter are vegan and we ABSOLUTELY love your jackfruit PRODUCTS!!
    thank you for such a amazing idea and product

  • Love your product! I have always liked Jackfruit and love that you have a variety of flavors! Can It be ordered by mail? Shubhda

  • Inspirational!! Anne you’re awesome. I grew up in Trinidad & Tobago, jackfruit was always a part of our meals. I’ve not eaten jackfruit in 10 yrs, but now that I have found your product I will not be without Jack again. Yum! I will gladly share recipes.

  • tHANK you, thank you for making jackfruit an easy part of our transition to vegan diet. The curry is delicious. I will keep introducing it to others. Thanks!

  • I am really interested in your product as a meat alternative.
    Any information or links you can send me would be great.

  • Love the Jackfruit! I grew up eating jackfruit in the philippines so it fells like home to have them here in the US. I Wish whole foods Would carRy the Naked JacKfruit, it would be great to have that option too!- from, Wayne, Pa

  • Hi, Nina! Jackfruit, by nature, is nonGMO. We harvest it from local farms in India. However, we’re looking into the timing and process for getting our products certified nonGMO in the United States.

  • Thank you for the kind words! We’re sold in local groceries stores right now, due to the shelf-life of the product and its need to be refrigerated.

  • Hi, Nina! Jackfruit, by nature, is nonGMO. We harvest from local farms in India. That said, we are not certified nonGMO but are investigating the process of which to receive that designation.

  • I’m so excited because the Raw jackfruit that you sell contains no added salt, Sugar or oil. We made the switch from Vegan to a Plant Based whole food SOS-FREE (No Salt, Sugar, oil) and I thought it meant giving up all of the Vegan meat alternatives that we love! Thank You, thank you! My family is gonna be thrilled!????????????????

  • My wife and I tried your sesame-ginger jackfruit. I’m vegan, my wife is not. She kept asking, “are you sure this isn’t meat?” It was *Delicious*! The nearest Whole Foods is quite a distance from me here, but I will be stopping by to pick up every flavor I can find of your jackfruit! Thank you so much for getting this out into the market!

  • OMG, I was so excited when I saw your product. I have not seen Jack Fruit since the 1990’s. This brought back so many memories. Besides the memories…now The jackfruit company is making brand new memories of delight and leaves me wanting for more. i would love to buy a carton(s), and i understand you may be working on that. keep working. thank you for the variety and tastiness!

  • The curry is really great! I have been looking for healthy, gluten free products and came across the curry jackfruit at whole foods market. it was very reasonably priced and I served it over red rice. Delicious!

  • I really enjoyed the bbq jackfruit. Are you selling the product without flavorings? i do prefer different kinds of sauces and would like the chance to make my own recipes without the flavors already added.

  • I live in New Haven Ct I have not found JACkfruit yet @ wholefoods in Orange Ct is orange Ct not a selected store yet?

  • I tried your product at expo west in anaheim. The bbq was delicious! Now working to get my distributor to bring it into our warehouse.

  • I live in southeast iowa, the hog capitol of the world. I’m new to veganism and would love to know if there is any place near me that I can find your products! I have to drive an hour and a half to find one vegan restaraunt or whole foods..

  • about 3 yr ago I was given my 1st taste of raw ripe jackfruit at the tijuana mercado & it was love at first bite!! last summer I ecstatically found cut sections at a local arabic market on this side of the border & don’t have to worry about lying to the border agent or eating it all before I cross. glad to hear you are in some whole foods, where i don’t shop, but would suggest that you get into the sprouts markets in the s.w. states (& the 5 jimbo’s naturally stores in San Diego co. if possible) so i can buy your wonderful-sounding main dish products. missed you at the expo west but you are on my list for next year already! annie: you are a human after my own heart, keep on keeping on; thanks for being in our world & giving us older ones hope for the future

  • Laura, thank you for taking the time to leave a comment here — and share your experience with jackfruit. We are currently in Sprouts. You can check our online store locator for more info. Thanks, Laura!

  • We loved seeing you at Expo, Clyde! Thanks so much for swinging by our booth.

  • Please check our online store locator. And request us! That’s one great way to help us get on local shelves. Thanks so much!

  • Mmm. Sounds like we need to whip up a batch of red rice tonight. Thanks for your comment!

  • Susan, we’re honored to have spurred a walk down memory lane for you. 🙂 Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment here. xo!

  • Kevin, isn’t it remarkable how much jackfruit looks and feels like meat? I’m glad both you and your wife are fans. Thanks so much for taking the time to leave a comment.

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