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Will you be at Expo West? We’re introducing something new & tasty at the show! 

Okay, we know you hear that a lot, how companies are revealing something new (and big!) at the show. We get it. The showroom floor is HUGE, and your time is limited. But we’d love to introduce you to the versatility, sustainability & flavor of jackfruit!


One of our brand new products is already up for a New Hope Natural Media NEXTY award for Best New Frozen Product!

alt=jackfruit expo west nexty award winner

At Expo West, we’ll be offering samples of 14 new refrigerated and frozen food items. The frozen line will feature familiar formats made from jackfruit: from gourmet Jackfruit Burgers in four amazing flavors to family-friendly center plate items like meatballs, nuggets, and tenders. Four flavors of Jackfruit Sausage will be available to sample, alongside our original products touted as all-natural meat alternatives. Each of the new products are vegetarian, high in fiber, soy-free, gluten-free, and sustainably sourced.

For full details, check out our Expo West Media Alert (pdf).


The Jackfruit Company is on a mission to redefine meat as nourishment, encouraging people to take a closer look at the center of their plates. Jackfruit is an incredibly nutritious plant that offers vegetarians, flexitarians, ingredient-conscious eaters, busy parents, and anyone else with an appetite a lot of nutritional wallop in a single serving. Including 20% of the daily recommended fiber intake!

We currently offer four certified non-GMO meat-alternative jackfruit products, all found in the refrigerated meat alternative section of more than 400 stores in the United States including select Whole Foods stores, Sprouts, Wegmans, MOM’s Organic Market, Mother’s Market & Kitchen, and many independent grocers.

Our mission at The Jackfruit Company also includes creating income opportunities for the local farmers in India from which we source our young jackfruit. Since jackfruit is a sustainable plant, we are able to provide additional income to local families who, up until recently, had no real means of monetizing the jackfruit already growing so abundantly on their land.

We hope you will join us in making a positive impact, one jackfruit at a time.